This year is BSCS’s 20th annual Walkathon Fundraiser! All BSCS students will participate on October 10th at Wanless Park/School Turf (JK/SK’s). Now you can donate directly to the walkathon via our online donation site. You will be issued a tax receipt immediately and can share the link with Friends, Family, Neighbors and Colleagues!


We rely on the funds collected to support our school in so many important ways! The Walkathon is our largest annual fundraiser and with over 570 kids at the school, this necessary initiative helps to generate funds to support various programs, such as Scientists in School, field trips, math initiatives, mental health support programs and athletic programming. It also bolsters important capital projects such as interactive learning technology and upgrades to our schoolyard.

DONATION LINK: BSCS Walkathon Donation Link

Students and parents are encouraged to share the donation link with family, friends, neighbours and anyone else you want! Each donation allocated to a student(s) - no matter how much - will receive computer-generated ballots for the Walkathon raffle. The amount of raffle tickets allocated to each family is dependent on the size of your donation. More information on prizing and class themes will be available on the school website.

Volunteers needed! Stay tuned for more information from Sign Up Genius


Alternative Rain Day: If it rains on the 10th we will hold the Walkathon on October 17th.


Prizes will be drawn weekly with a final prize draw October 21st!


Ballot Structure:

$1-$50 = 1 ballot  $51-$100 = 2 ballots   $101-$150 = 3 ballots   $151-$200 = 4 ballots   $201-$250 = 5 ballots   

$251-$300 = 6 ballots   $301-$350 = 7 ballots    $351-$400 = 8 ballots   $401-$450 = 9 ballots

$451-500 = 10 ballots     $501+ = add 1 ballot per $50 increments


INSTRUCTIONS FOR DONATION - Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on BSCS Walkathon Donation Link

  • Choose your donation in any amount (recommended $95 per student)

  • In the message window type Walkathon 2019 & YOUR CHILD(REN’S) FIRST & LAST NAME & Grade(s)

  • Click “Add to cart”

  • REGISTER (unless you are already signed up) your personal/billing information

  • You will receive you tax receipt immediately via your email address




















Walkathon Class Themes:























Q: How do I receive a tax receipt?

A: Simply check the email address you used to register. It should be there minutes after you donate.

Q: What if someone wants to donate but does not want to register

A: Registration is the easiest way to ensure a tax receipt is received but alternatively you could donate on their behalf

Q: How was the winners selected?

A: Weekly prize draws will done by an automated random selector. The amount donated per child’s name correlates to the amount of ballots (chances) they have.

Q: Who do I contact if I have any questions?

A: For more information contact: bscswalkathon@gmail.com

Q: Why don't I see "Walkathon" on the donation site/link?

A: We are using the Toronto Catholic School Board donation site so it does not say "Walkathon". As such, it is important to ensure the fund location field is selected as "Blessed Sacrament - Parent Council".  Also, it is important to include "Walkathon 2019" along with children's names in the message field.

Q: How do the kids get the ballots?

A: The children are allocated ballots when their names are indicated in the Message section of the donation page. Number of ballots are correlated to amount donated


Q: How do I know if friends or family have donated?

A: Unfortunately, we currently do not have a function to advise families when friends or family members have donated.

Q: How much should we donate?

A: Any donation amount is appreciated but a donation amount however, $95 per child is helpful to ensure we cover our annual expenses.

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