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Class Parent Guidelines

Volunteers are needed to serve as Class Parent.  Interested parents are encouraged to volunteer in early September by reaching out to their child’s teacher or by emailing the volunteer coordinator Nadina Jamison Vanden Hoven:
Assignments are usually confirmed by early October.


What does a Class Parent do?


The key roles of the class parent are to:

  • be the liaison between the teacher and the parents

  • forward /communicate school activities or relevant information about your own class (via email)


Specific tasks include:

  1. Create a class list with info received by the volunteer coordinator. 

  2. Distribute the class list to parents, making sure the info is correct and confirming with parents what info they’d like to include. For example multiple email addresses, phone numbers etc.

  3. Redistribute the list once it is complete.

  4. Introduce a new family/student to the class if a new family comes in the middle of the year. 

  5. Update and re-share if students leave or new students are added to the class list.

  6. Work with the teacher if volunteers are needed for field trips or other activities.

  7. Keep the class updated with school activities/events on the school calendar i.e. reminders for dress down and special days in the school and/or volunteer opportunities such as Kiss N' Ride.

  8. Participate in CSPC* meetings and update the class with any important info.

  9. Distribute communication to the class only if requested by CSPC, the Volunteer Coordinator, the Teacher or the Principal.

  10. Organize Christmas and June class gift for teacher/s.

The purpose of sharing the class list to parents in that class is to allow for ease of booking birthday parties and playdates etc.

It should not be used for any other purpose other than noted above by the designated class parent.


What should a Class Parent NOT do?

  1. Distribute information on behalf of another parent in the class or school.

  2. Distribute information from outside of the school community.

  3. Share email information or contact information with other groups or classes.


If a class parent feels uncomfortable with information that is being requested to share he/she should reach out to CSPC and/or the Principal to provide guidance.



(*) The Blessed Sacrament CSPC (Catholic School Parent Council) functions in an advisory role to enrich, enhance and improve student education and achievement.  Key responsibilities of the Blessed Sacrament CSPC include coordinating school fundraising and volunteer initiatives.

See: The CSPC webpage

CSPC Meetings – all parents are welcome!

Time: 6:45 p.m.; Location: To be announced in Weekly Emails


Meeting Dates - please see the CSPC webpage and note meeting dates may shift.  Date confirmed (1) month in advance of the meeting.



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