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Here are some simple rules to make the kiss 'n ride work:


  • Kiss 'n Ride: Prior to putting a child in the car, say good-bye to them; at the drop-off, the child only needs their seatbelt released and they can exit the vehicle from the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY.

  • Drivers/parents: Do not get out of the vehicle. There are other vehicles behind you queuing up to drop-off; keep traffic moving.

  • Drop off zones are always on the passenger side of the car. Please consider Bedford Park a westbound one-way street and Woburn Avenue an eastbound one-way street only.

  • Please remember to use your blinker!  It is important for the cars behind you to know what you are planning before stop.

  • Drivers should wait until they are at the correct kiss 'n ride point before they let their child exit the vehicle. Do not drop off prior to this point.

  • Parent volunteers will not lift children out of the vehicles but will facilitate the child getting out of the car and into the play yard.

  • If you wish to help your child get out of the vehicle, do not use the drop-off areas. Please use the paid parking at the south side of Bedford or find street parking beyond the drop-off zones.

  • Do not stop in the bus or no-stopping zones.

  • If there is more than one student in a vehicle, the drop-off zone is based on the younger child. The older child is expected to walk to the appropriate play yard.


VOLUNTEERS: this program works well only if there are volunteers. It is requested that each parent volunteer once per term, which works out to about 45 minutes in total per term. Please click here to Volunteer.



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