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The Kiss n‘ Ride program is designed to keep our children safe during morning drop-off. Kiss n’ Ride drop-off begins at 8:15 am and runs until 8:30 am on Bedford Park Avenue just east of the bus zone.


There are three parent volunteers needed to assist children exit their vehicles safely and enter the schoolyard.

Please consider volunteering for the program. Sign up at Kiss N Ride.


Reminders to parents/caregivers using the Kiss n’ Ride program:

  • Please say morning goodbyes before putting kids in the car; thus, at the drop-off, kids only need their seatbelts released prior to exiting the vehicle.

  • Children exit the vehicle from the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY.

  • Please remember to use your blinker. It is important to signal to the cars behind you that you are planning to stop.

  • Parents / Drivers: please do not get out of your vehicle. There are other vehicles behind you queuing up to drop-off; the purpose of the program is to keep our students safe and traffic moving.

  • Volunteers will not lift children out of the vehicle but will facilitate the child getting out of the car and into the schoolyard.

  • Please do not stop in the bus or crosswalk zones as well as the south side of the street.


Let’s keep our popular Kiss n’ Ride program running by following these simple guidelines.

Please volunteer your time, you do not need to be a user of the program to volunteer.


Sign up at Kiss N Ride.

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