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Project Playground is an important and urgent fundraising and community building initiative at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School.


The senior (lower) play structure in the main play yard is in need of replacement. The current structure was put in place in 2000 – 18 years ago! While our children have enjoyed many years on the structure, the Board has informed us--and we are well aware ourselves—that the structure is verging on unsafe. While they are still safe for our children to play on for the next few months, the Board has advised us that upon the next inspection, the play structure will be permanently closed off for student use. When that happens-which could be as early as June of this year--it will be up to our community to find the funds to replace it. The funding of play structure rests entirely on the shoulders of the school community itself.


So we need to act now and Put Play First!

Here's our progress so far:

Please support Project Playground through these initiatives: 


  • Pocket Change Project:












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