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Blessed Sacrament follows the TCDSB Food and Beverage Policy S.M.08 which states that all food and beverages sold in all schools of the TCDSB should promote and sustain a healthy school environment in which students have the ability to achieve to their full potential. The nutritional value of such sustenance must be consistent with the development of sound health habits and align with all relevant Ministry of Education directives and the Nutritional Standards for Ontario Schools (Appendix 150).


These standards do not apply to food and beverages that are brought from home or purchased off school premises and not for resale in schools.

Schools of the TCDSB are encouraged to choose Ontario food and beverages first, be environmentally aware, avoid offering food and beverages as a reward or incentive for good behavior, achievement or participation, ensure that drinking water is freely available and accessible throughout the school day, ensure that all foods sold in a TCDSB school is reasonably priced, choose products from industries which do not mistreat animals and respect the bounty of God’s creation, limit the selling of genetically modified foods where possible, purchase fair trade practices where possible and not distribute or sell bottled water in alignment with our Water-Bottle-Free zone vision for the Board.



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