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What do we need now?

Financial Support:

Calling all accountants / financial wizard$! We need treasury support, ideally someone well versed in QuickBooks (or equivalent.) Active – 1-2 hours/week throughout the school year. Sign up for financial support.

Kiss N Ride:

Morning drop-off program that keeps our kids safe.  Active 8:10 – 8:30 a.m.  Sign up for a shift or two at Kiss N Ride.

Pizza Lunch:

Volunteers distribute pizza to their child’s class on Mondays. Approx. 20 minutes during the lunch hour.  Please volunteer for only one session / month to provide opportunity for other parents/guardians.  Sign up to volunteer at Pizza.

Project Library Returns:  

volunteer slots forthcoming shortly!


Are you passionate about books and organization?  Looking for dedicated volunteers to help us put away and organize the library.  Your assistance will play a vital role in ensuring that the library remains a welcoming and organized space for students, where a love of reading is born. 

Volunteer Role:

Book Shelver and Organizer: Responsibilities  include:
- Shelving Books: sort & shelve books in their designated sections according to the library's cataloging system
- Ensuring Order: Maintain the order and cleanliness of the library by ensuring books are displayed neatly 
- Reshelving Returns: assist in reshelving returned books promptly and accurately  


Thanks in advance for your participation!

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