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We heard you! 

You want more opportunities to volunteer at BSCS. 


Join the over 100 individuals who volunteered at the school last year.


For questions or to signal your willingness to participate email Nadina Jamison Vanden Hoven

BSCS Volunteer Coordinator (


What do we need now?


Communications Support:

Provides important support for the sharing of information to the BSCS community.  Two key roles are needed: coordinators for the weekly e-news and the database.  Active throughout the year.  Sign-up at comms support



This year’s event occurs on Thurs Oct 6.  Volunteers are needed straight away for the prize committee as well as the morning of Oct. 6 to help run the program.  Sign up at Walkathon.


Class Parents:

Serve as the liaison between the teacher and the parents.  For roles & responsibilities, see:  A call out for volunteers will be sent to each class.  Note class parents will be secured a bit later this year – following class list finalization – likely early October.  Active throughout the year.  Sign-up at class parent.


Kiss N Ride:

Morning drop-off program that keeps our kids safe.  Active 8:10 – 8:30 a.m. 

Sign-up for a shift or two at Kiss N Ride.


Softball/T-ball League Coordinator:

Coordinate the spring league. Games are one evening a week during May and June. Active: 15 hours in April for set-up, organizing the teams, scheduling games and securing coaches.  Sign-up at softball/tball.



Thanks in advance for your participation!

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