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What do we need now?

Cross Country:

Volunteers needed to assist Ms. Camp, cross country head coach, with monitoring the running route to ensure runners safety.  Active Monday through Thursday 11:30 a.m. – noon.
Weeks of Sept 25 and Oct 2. Volunteers meet at Lympstone & Yonge. 
Cross country runners are from Grades 3 – 8.  Sign-up at Cross Country.

Class Parents:

Serve as the liaison between the teacher and the parents. 
For roles & responsibilities, see:
A call out for volunteers will be sent to each class.  Note class parents will be secured a bit later this year – following class list finalization – likely late September. 
Active throughout the year.  Sign-up at class parent.


Communications Support:

Do you have a way with words, websites or databases?  We need effective communicators to help augment capacity of our communication team.  Sign-up at communication support.


Financial Support:

Calling all accountants / financial wizard$! We need treasury support, ideally someone well versed in QuickBooks (or equivalent.) Active – 1-2 hours/week throughout the school year. Sign-up at financial support.

Kiss N Ride:

Morning drop-off program that keeps our kids safe.  Active 8:10 – 8:30 a.m.  Sign-up for a shift or two at Kiss N Ride.

Pizza Lunch:

Volunteers distribute pizza to their child’s class on Mondays. Approx. 20 minutes during the lunch hour.  Please volunteer for only one session / month to provide opportunity for other parents/guardians.  Program starts October 16.  Sign up to volunteer at Pizza.


Tis year’s event occurs on Thurs Oct 19. Volunteers are also be needed the morning of Oct. 19 to help run the program.  Sign-up for a shift at Walkathon.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

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