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Students are expected to arrive at school dressed neatly and appropriately. Pride in one’s appearance reflects itself in pride toward one’s work and achievement and community. Families may purchase from any retailer as long as the clothing is consistent with the solid navy blue and solid white colours as outlined below.  All students are also encouraged to have a collared shirt for special events (school masses, assemblies, etc). In addition, Blessed Sacrament spirit wear can be proudly worn as part of the dress code.  Spirit wear orders are taken periodically throughout the school year.


Acceptable TOPS:

  • Students are expected to wear a solid white or solid navy top

  • Most style tops are acceptable: polo shirt, blouse, turtle neck, collared shirt etc.

  • Over clothing (such as sweaters or vests) should be solid white or navy

  • No logos (except if you opt for the school crest)

  • No extra colours at collar or cuffs. No stripes No stripes, dots, decorations, contrasting coloured buttons, ornamentations, etc. that do not align with main colour.


Tops that are NOT ACCEPTABLE:

  • Colours other than solid white or navy

  • Tops with wording, pictures, stripes, ornamentations, etc. (except if you opt for the school crest)

  • Tops with a brand name logo

  • Midriff bearing, revealing, low-cut or tank tops

Acceptable BOTTOMS:

  • Students are expected to wear solid navy bottoms (no denim, no jeggings or leggings as pants)

  • Pants, capri pants, yoga pants, track pants, skirt, skort, tunic, shorts, sports shorts (all bottoms including sports shorts must be solid navy - no stripes of contrasting colour)

  • No logos (except if you opt for the school crest)

Bottoms that are NOT ACCEPTABLE:

  • Excessively short shorts/skorts or skirts (fingertip rule: shorts/skorts or skirts must not be shorter than the students fingertips when the students arms are extended at their side)

  • Leggings may only be worn underneath a skirt/skort/tunic; leggings may not be worn as pants

  • Athletic/sports style shorts with stripes or piping

  • Solid navy denim / jeans/leggings as pants



 On cooler days if children wish to wear a sweater, vest or sweatshirt, they should wear one that is solid navy blue with no extra colours (except if you opt for the school crest).



  •   Socks / Tights: students may wear either navy or white.

  •   Shoes: Please send your child in appropriate and safe shoes (ie: running shoes on gym day; flip flops are never

    safe at school). 

During the year, there will be several dress-down days. Students will also have the option of a dress-down day on their birthday.  If a student’s birthday falls on a weekend, the Friday before will be the designated dress down day.  For students with birthdays outside of the school calendar, a designated day will be communicated through the school calendar. Designated dress down days are optional for students.    If they choose not to participate with the designated theme they are expected to follow the blue and white dress code policy.



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