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The Blessed Sacrament school community believes that all children have the right to a safe environment where they can learn. No student has the right to choose behaviour that infringes upon the rights of others. Any behavior which disrupts the teaching-learning process in the classroom, or which demonstrates disrespect for self, others, property or authority will be dealth with by the teaching staff and the administration in order to ensure the well-being and security of everyone in the school.


As Catholic educators, we recognize the primary role of parents as the first and best teachers of their children. We also recognize the partnership that needs to exist among home, school and parish if students are to benefit fully from their Catholic education.



- Treat and speak to others with care, respect and kindness
- Everyone's body belongs to him/her; they determine the boundaries
- Follow instructions the first time given


Staff members will handle minor offences "on the spot." Students will know what was poor judgement on their part and what is expected from them.


Major offences are those behaviours that threaten the orderly function of the school or are threatening to the well-being of others and include open defiance of authority, physical or mental abuse of others and/or continuous disruptive behaviour.
A formal process mandated by the Ministry of Education's "Safe Schools Act" will be used to handle all major offences. A plan of action will be decided upon, discussed by all parties concerned and acted upon. The consequences for major offences will be decided up on for each individual case.

View Blessed Sacrament’s Progressive Discipline Model.





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