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As many are aware, an 11-storey condo development has been approved at 3180 Yonge Street,
adjacent to the school. The development is s􀦞ll in the site plan approval stage. A demoli􀦞on permit has
been applied for but has not yet been approved. It is unclear at this point when construc􀦞on will begin,
although the Board has informed us it could be during Q4 2023.
CSPC has been working with the TCDSB, the City Planning Department, Councillor Mike Colle’s office
and MPP Robin Mar􀦞n’s office to voice our concerns about the impact the development will have on
the health, safety and well-being of Blessed Sacrament students and staff during demoli􀦞on and construc
􀦞on. Issues such as noise, dust, air quality, traffic conges􀦞on and pedestrian safety will impact the
school during the long construc􀦞on process.
We have formed a special commi􀂂ee of parents who will con􀦞nue to advocate for risk mi􀦞ga􀦞on
measures to keep our school community safe and ensure con􀦞nuity of learning. We will keep the
broader parent community informed as new
informa􀦞on becomes available.
In the mean􀦞me, we have created a Google
Form for parents to submit any ques􀦞ons or
concerns they may have regarding the development:
Google Forms.
For more informa􀦞on on the development,
see: h􀂂ps://ly􀂂
As always, please feel free to reach out to CSPC
at at any

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